February 22, 2011

Monday Meal

It is exactly what is sounds like.


My roommate, Courtney, and I have decided to put our cooking skills to the ultimate test. We're going to make something different every Monday night and invite people over to enjoy dinner with friends.

Did I mention that these friends are going to be boys only?

Just kidding. But not really. But really, I'm kidding. :)

We thought it'd be fun to start making dinner and having people over because we don't know how to cook for two, only in quantities of 6. So if you want some great food. Come on over on Monday nights.

Loves and Rockets,

February 18, 2011


I need this in the worst way possible.

 I wish I wasn't so poor so that I could afford great workout supplements. 

Good thing I'm going home Saturday. Maybe I can convince my Daddy to buy me some. :)
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