September 9, 2011

Powellooza 2011

For starters... I'm back in Utah. :) That's pretty awesome news, right? I think so. Even better news? I'm back in Logan continuing my education. I spoke with a counselor over the summer and he said after this school year I only have 3 semesters left! FINALLY!!

I moved in with my best friend, Stephanie. It's been fun for the most part...She currently has a significant other so that puts a damper on things because she wants to be with him all the time (duh, I would too if I had a boy who liked me.) And as to be expected we have already had a little squabble. Although, in my defense, I literally did nothing. There's was a misunderstanding as to who was my "best friend" over some new friendships I had formed. Girls are just so much drama about 97% of the time.

I decided about a month  before I came home from Texas that I wanted to go on vacation- I have no idea when the last time was that I had a real vacation. So I signed up for this event called Powellooza. In a nutshell it's basically 150 of awesome looking people getting together at Lake Powell and just hanging out for five days. Wakeboarding, tubing, sun bathing, jumping off the blob (a very dangerous activity), giant sized slip 'n' slide, bike jump ramp, foam dance parties, shooting stars, night boating, fire jump rope, HOUSE BOATS, our own firework show, roman candle wars, drives to the marina, and most importantly our very own private island. Does life get much better than that? I didn't think so. Here are few pictures from my own personal Heaven this week.

I was a first time Powell goer and I have to say...  I've become an addict. We got a few invites to go back this weekend but declined due to having to deal with real life. However, the people who put this event together are putting together a Halloween event in Vegas this year! I'm excited to be having something to do for Halloween that doesn't involve "The Howl" or Hamilton's dance party (grind and drink fest.)

I'm really liking where things are at in my life right. I couldn't be happier or ask for better friends and family. I know that's a weird way to end this rant about Powell, but it was the last thought I had. :) Until next time blog friends. :)

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  1. hey my name is Abdo and i am from Egypt.
    i saw the video and it's amazing. i would like to go there with my friends in next summer. i am wondering if u can tell me how to apply for it and how much is it.

    your blog is amazing


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