December 31, 2013

// a girl walks into a sushi bar…//

Not that this blog has reach world wide fame or anything, but last night I went out with a guy who knew about my dating blog. This is now the second guy who've I've gone out with who knew about it. The first guy who knew about it? That date was not so hot (read about it here).

To be honest, I was a little nervous to go out on a set up date. One of my friends set us up and I tend to not have a great track record when it comes to blind dates. I should probably contact the Lifetime Movie Network to see if they want to make a movie about my comical dating life that hopefully ends with me finding Mr. Wonderful. At least that ending is better then "and she lived by herself and 10 cats."

The date last night? Completely normal. How or why was it normal? Not sure. But I'm gonna give homie the credit there; HE was normal. He got to the sushi place before I did and ordered edemame for us before I got there. Homie joked about me blogging about how presumptuous it would be for him to order edemame. But… I actually like edemame. Win, win for both of us! I blogged about it and I enjoyed the apps before dinner. (If you don't know the reference to calling appetizers "apps" I'll link a video of it for you. Hilarious!) The date was short and sweet. The food and conversation were great.

Maybe my luck for first dates is changing? I don't know. But it was nice to go on a typically normal date last night. It's refreshing and I've decided that I should do that type of date more often and not the other kind. Although, the awful ones do make for better stories later. :)

And as promised… here is the video to the apps and zerts video from Parks and Rec. I love Tom

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