November 28, 2011

The Time I Went to New York

Here is a list of the things I did, in no particular order, when we went to New York. And as always, pictures to accompany the list. :)
Time Square
Sardi's- we had desserts chocolate raspberry, bridge had cheesecake, dad had molten chocolate cake
Got in 5:30 in the am
Statue of liberty, ellis island
Found hotel
Bridge went to sleep
Went to ticket shop but line was long
Dad and Liz went walking to china town and to little Italy where we had lobster tail, Ferrara's, dad had noodles and soup
Rocker fellers center
Pizza by our house
Walked around a lot
Rode subway
Liz took nap
Pouring rain
Dad and liz went to cloisters
searched for bagel place
Went back and picked up Bridget
Went to the Met
Central park
St. John's cathedral
Macy's day float stuff
Lincoln center
Stinky street
Lots and lots of rain
LDS temple
Colombia Universtiy
Went to little tiny grocery store
CU library book sore
SPQR for dinner.
Ferrara for cookies
Took the wrong train home
Got head ache medicine at CVS for liz
Starbucks for mint hot chocolate (dad and bridge). Liz got regular hot chocolate.
Upper east side and upper west side
Time square at night
Pizza at Ray's
Carnegie Hall
China town
Russian tea room
Yankee stadium
Breakfast at McDonald's
Washington square
Cheesecake at random place
Owner at Ray's asked if we wanted thanksgiving turkey
Saw some of Macy's day parade
Got off of the train and the army guys were there
Then Chinatown again at night
Bought t-shirts, nice clothes and purses
Juri, Juri
Garment district, everything was closed
Stinky shops
Bergdorff Goodman
H&H bagels
Went and got Bridget
Green St. To broadway and down
Ferrara's for cookies and gifts
Dad got noodle
took A train to JFK 

November 20, 2011


Why is it when I have the most to do I can't bring myself to do it? Two papers and an annotated bibliography do this week. And I leave for NYC tomorrow. My mind is definitely not on finding any supporting topics for a paper or writing about Jane Eyre and Rochester.

November 12, 2011

VIP Status

This one time my friend DJ, invited me to a Pinnacle party on 11.11.11. It was quiet awesome. He got us VIP tickets because he brother OWNS Pinnacle. How fancy schmancy, right? It was nice to be able to go and just chill and get our dance on a little (I don't dance, I'm white).

I had originally come down for the grand opening of H&M but that turned out to be really disappointing. I got some sweet boots. Or actually I should say, Sarah got me sweet boots. That sister of mine is pretty awesome and always does the nicest things. I'm definitely super lucky to have her in my life.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the night of 11.11.11


Attention people. I am going to the Big Apple for Thanksgiving. I am so excited. I'm going with Bridget and my Dad for four days; I've never been before.

Basically, I'm just so excited. I love traveling. I love getting away from Utah. Maybe that's why I've lived out of state for the summer the last two summers. I want a job where I can travel (at least while I'm young and without my own children).

There's just so much that this world has to offer and I want to do it all! Or at least experience a lot. Only a little over a week until I leave. I'll be sure to let you know all about it.