November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

My family is traditionally nontraditional. While most families spend time with their extended family on Thanksgiving, mine does whatever it can to not participate. So, we go on vacations during Thanksgiving most years. This year we spent Thanksgiving in Vegas.I swear Vegas is my family's one spot we go to more frequently for holidays than most people. We just love it. And Vegas has some of the best shopping ever.

It was fun to be with the fam bam. Well, the three girls with Jeff and Elaine. Jeff and I rode the New York roller coaster at New York New York. We shopped a lot (think a trunk load because of Black Friday sales), visited Bonnie springs and some other springy area, Jeff gave everyone shoulder rides, we saw the place where J&E used to live, walked around a lot, ate at a buffet for Thanksgiving dinner.

(J&E Thanksgiving 2012)

 (Buckner triplets Thanksgiving 2012)

(self explanatory)

I love my family. I'm thankful for them everyday and am so lucky they're in my life for-ev-er.

November 12, 2012

Louisville Vacation

Wanna know what happens when you're 24 and single? You take vacations with your parents and actually enjoy them. Gone are the days where you dread spending time with them. No longer having to sit in a torture chamber (a mini-van) for 12 hours driving somewhere. Now it's a quick flight to some place you've never been before. It's all exciting and new.

I was able to go with my Dad to Louisville, Kentucky. What's there you ask? Plenty. Well, actually Jeff had a conference he had to attend and I got to go with him. It was fun.  We flew into Louisville on Sunday night, after a 4 hour delay in the Minneapolis airport we made it. We thought we were going to be able to make it in early and had planned some things to do but we got in late and just wandered around 4th street LIVE! until it got too cold. The next morning I caught up on sleep while Jeff went to his meetings. He got back around 5 or so and we decided to drive to Cincinnati. When we got there everything was closed. It was only 7:30-ish! Come on peeps! But we found a nice place to have some hot chocolate. Starbucks. :)

On Tuesday morning, I got up early and walked to the Muhammid Ali Center and went to the museum by myself. I walked around downtown Louisville, just to scope out what was there. There are some cool buildings and lots of statues. I went to a visitor's center that they had down there and they had loads of KFC stuff in there. I did some more wandering until I was tired of walking and then I went back to the hotel and waited for Jeff to get done with his meeting. When he came back we decided to go see Churchill Downs (where they do the Kentucky Derby) but it was closed. Surprise, surprise. Everything in Kentucky closed early.  It was time for dinner and Jeff had been talking about this thing called a "hot brown" and how we needed to have one because they're a local food. So I googled it and found a restaurant that serves em. It was at a place called Lynn's Paradise Cafe. The place itself was awesome! It looked like a house that belonged to Pee Wee Herman. But it was seriously awesome. And the food thing was great! I want to learn how to make one!  Then, my favorite thing happened. We went on a ghost tour of old Louisville. We walked around the city for about an hour and a half and our tour guide told us ghost stories from certain buildings. It was really fun. And really cold.

The next day Jeff only had a half day because we were leaving that day. So we went to the Louisville Slugger museum and then went to University of Louisville's campus. Then on to the plane where we didn't think we'd make it because all the other flights out of Louisville to Atlanta hadn't even left the whole day. Ours "left" on time but then we sat on the tar mat for 45 minutes. Grr. That then made it so we had to run off the plane once we landed int Atlanta, switch concourses and board our plane. Seriously, we barely made it. We made it back to SLC around 9:30pm.

 I love to travel and go places, but there is no place like home. :)

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