December 31, 2013

// a girl walks into a sushi bar…//

Not that this blog has reach world wide fame or anything, but last night I went out with a guy who knew about my dating blog. This is now the second guy who've I've gone out with who knew about it. The first guy who knew about it? That date was not so hot (read about it here).

To be honest, I was a little nervous to go out on a set up date. One of my friends set us up and I tend to not have a great track record when it comes to blind dates. I should probably contact the Lifetime Movie Network to see if they want to make a movie about my comical dating life that hopefully ends with me finding Mr. Wonderful. At least that ending is better then "and she lived by herself and 10 cats."

The date last night? Completely normal. How or why was it normal? Not sure. But I'm gonna give homie the credit there; HE was normal. He got to the sushi place before I did and ordered edemame for us before I got there. Homie joked about me blogging about how presumptuous it would be for him to order edemame. But… I actually like edemame. Win, win for both of us! I blogged about it and I enjoyed the apps before dinner. (If you don't know the reference to calling appetizers "apps" I'll link a video of it for you. Hilarious!) The date was short and sweet. The food and conversation were great.

Maybe my luck for first dates is changing? I don't know. But it was nice to go on a typically normal date last night. It's refreshing and I've decided that I should do that type of date more often and not the other kind. Although, the awful ones do make for better stories later. :)

And as promised… here is the video to the apps and zerts video from Parks and Rec. I love Tom

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November 25, 2013

// No Man November //

In one of my classes this semester we have focused a lot on identity. What influences or lack of influences has made you into the person you are now. For me, it's my family, my religion, my community. It's taking a little bit of everything and applying them into my life (or not.) So my teacher had us write a memoir or a sceme from our life that has helped form us. I chose to focus on my community and doing something no one has done before at my age... Move. 

Running from concourse A to concourse D in the Atlanta airport was not how I was expecting to spend my layover on my flight to North Carolina. It was pure luck that I had decided to look at the flight board to check if my next flight was on time and it had changed! My plane was boarding now! I ditched my eight dollar salad and starting running as fast as I could in my platforms and dress with my carry on, a Mary Poppins style purse. I barely made made my flight and was out of breath by the time I got on my seat. Only an hour and twenty minutes until I landed into a city I had never been in before. This was going to be interesting to the say the least.
In high school all my friends had had boyfriends or went on dates most weekends. In choir, I’d see the wedding invites that were sent to my teacher from the senior class the previous year. To me, marriage seemed like the next step after high school graduation. Even though I wasn’t actively dating anyone, I thought, well if the “weird” kids can get married, surely it isn’t that hard. So, as summer came and went and I still wasn’t dating anyone, I moved away for school down to the mecca of the LDS dating scene- Provo, Utah.
Moving to Provo meant I could date young men with the same standards that I had known growing up. This meant- no drinking, going to movies on Sunday (but however, if you’re starving and don’t have any food you can drive to orem and get something at Betos- not that I’ve done that), you have a curfew and boys aren’t allowed past the “chastity line” in your apartment. So basically if you were at a boys house and had to use the bathroom, you’d have to either hold it until you got home or find another bathroom to use.
I moved in with one of my friends from high school (she was “waiting” for a boy on a mission, but still went on plenty of dates) and then four other random girls. I worked, went to school, attended social functions and still nothing. I had even made some good friends with the boys in my ward. They were exactly what I’d learned in Young Women’s to look for in a companion. They were returned missionaries, worthy, nice, responsible, educated and church going young men. Somehow though, my wit seemed to be lost on them.  Boys were supposed to be lining up at my door. My planner was supposed to be so full of dates that I’d have to book dates a month in advance. Instead, I was picking up extra shifts for work so I wouldn’t feel like such a loser watching my roommates go out on the weekend.
As the school year came to a close and I was still as single as I started, I felt defeated. This is what I was supposed to do. It’s what everyone I knew was doing. Graduate, get married, pop out some babies and live happily ever after. That was the cookie cutter plan that the majority of people my age seemed to be doing. It was the natural progression of the West Jordan life. In my world, you went from introductions at a stake dance to “this is eternal” by Sunday next week. I hadn’t been able to make that jump quite yet and was a little hesitant that I ever would.
After moving home, my prospects for dating seem to dwindle even more. What I was left with were the rejects from high school that were doing nothing with their lives- like living at home. But, hey! I was living at home. Did I now qualify as reject status at the ripe old age of nineteen? Had I really become an old made, destined to live at home with her parents and pets? Gosh, I hope not. I needed to break free.
My friends would say, but Liz you’re so amazing! How is a girl like you single? When you least expect it, it’ll happen. Ooh, I know the best person to set you up with- he’s really nice. So, they’d pass my number out like candy and I’d have an influx of text messaging added to my monthly bill with AT&T each month but nothing seemed to go anywhere. The ones that texted me generally never made verbal contact. I mean, these guys could have had laryngitis, leaving him without a voice box and I would have never known.
I was staring at the four wedding invites that clung to the fridge taunting me. “We did it! And you can’t even get a date for Friday night.” I needed to get serious about a change in my life and the right opportunity presented itself in the form of a summer job. My options were to stay in Utah, doing who knows what, or try my luck in North Carolina. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Mark. 
“Mark, hey it’s Liz. I’m interested in the North Carolina job. When can I start?”
“Well, we need someone out in the office by May 5th.”
(Did I mention it was the last week in April? Well, it was.)
“Wow, that’s really soon. But… I’ll do it.”
“Great! We’ll get Suz in headquarters to work on your flight plans. I’ll keep in touch, Liz.”
In a matter of a three minute conversation, I had changed my life plan. No longer was I going to limit myself to the constraints of what my community thought I should be doing. I was going on a new adventure that no one I knew had done before. With a renewed sense of excitement for doing something different, I started to pack my suitcase for the summer of my life.
The fact that I basically only packed clothes, thinking I’d just buy the rest once in North Carolina was probably looked like a crazy lady running down the concourse in Atlanta. Maybe I really was losing my mind because who just ups and leaves in less than a week leaving everyone the know behind? I guess I was that type because as soon as Mom dropped me off at the SLC airport, I kissed that good for nothin’ city good bye (at least for 6 months) and embraced my role as a single working woman.
“Ma’am, please put on your safety belt as the plane will be descending soon into the Raleigh airport.” I clicked in and it hit me. I was by myself, besides this Mark guy that I’d talked to on the phone. “Oh, gosh. What have I done?” Was it too late to just go home to the comfort of what I’d known? Probably not. Did I want to ask the pilot to turn this thing around? Heck yes! Instead I walked off the plane and down to baggage claim. 
Seeing a piece of printer paper with my name hastily written on it I walked over to the guy holding it. “ So... I’m Liz
“Oh, great! I’m Mark, we’ve talked on the phone. We’re so glad you’re here. The office is a mess and we’re definitely gonna need some help this summer. Let me help you get the bags into the car.”
Although most summer jobs don’t usually include moving across the country, I knew this is where I was supposed to be. I was going to learn a lot about myself this summer. With no pressure from the community to be young, married and pregnant, I was going to learn a whole new side to life.  For this summer, I was going to be young and single. Mark shut his car door and asked “You ready to get going?” “Yeah, I’m ready.” And boy, I was ready.

What I learned that summer is that it's okay to be young (or 25) and not have your shit together. (Sorry for the curse, but there's not better way to say it.) What I learned was that I'm an independent person, that I don't really need a guy to make me happy even though my community kind of makes me feel that way sometimes. If I take a step back, take a deep breath and remember that where I'm at in my life is totally fine, a weight is lifted from my shoulders. The take home message is to learn about your own identity and embrace it.

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November 16, 2013

// It's a Desert Out There //

So you know the saying, when it rains it pours?

What about when you're in a dry spell?

It's more than just a hot summer out in the west. It's like living in the Sahara Desert at it's hottest (which was 136 degrees fahrenheit).

So I pack my cooler full of reminders to keep myself ready for dry weather.

1. I AM happy by myself.
2. I AM actually trying to date.
3. I AM working on becoming a better person.
4. I surround myself with people I love. 
5. I WON'T settle for just anyone.
6. I'd rather be happily single than miserably married. 

And right now I'm going through a dry spell in the dating world- which is why I haven't blogged about dating in a while. 

But I haven't given up and I won't. 

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October 31, 2013


When plans don't follow through that you were banking on, sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches. Go with the flow. Act like a winner.

It's harder than it sounds. Or at least for me it is. So yesterday, I took those lemons life gave me and went and worked out! Take that, plans! Who needs em? Not this girl. I made a new playlist and thought I'd share it with you. You too can be a winner! (Cheese ball much?)

Girl Pump
1. Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Hilson & Kanye West
2. Single Ladies- Beyonce
3. Oops! I did it Again- Britney Spears
4.Who's That Chick- David Guetta feat. Rihanna
5. Mercy- Duffy
6. She Wolf
7. Stronger- Britney Spears
8. Survivor- Destiny's Child
9. California Gurls- Katy Perry feat Snoop Dogg
10. Since You Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson
11. Rude Boy- Rihanna
12. Whenever, Wherever- Shakira
13. Stuttering- Fefe Dobson
14. Whip My Hair- Willow
15. Fergalicious- Fergie

Oh, and speaking of winning. We have a winner for the shellac nails giveaway! It's Miss Haley Evans. I'll get you all set up with Beauty is Payne for your nail appointment. :)

Keep it real and sassy my friends!

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October 24, 2013

Date Night Ready + Giveaway

As if securing an actual date wasn't hard enough; figuring out what to wear comes in as a close second.

I over think it.

Should I go all out with hair and make up? Heels? Flats? Dressy or casual? I plan what I want to wear a few days in advance and then the day of comes around and I totally change my mind. (Please tell me I'm not the only one).

I usually opt for a more casual look because I like to think of my self as "low maintenance" when it comes to getting ready. (Don't get me wrong though- ask me on a fancy date and I'll blown your mind with just my outfit). Thank heavens for Pinterest so I can get more of a visual of what I'm trying to go for. Although, the execution of said outfit might not be on point, I at least try.

Here is my favorite "fall" outfit for a first date. Boots + leggings + denim shirt = My favorite cute outfit. Add a scarf or a necklace and you're ready to knock someones socks off!

But you wanna know what boosts my confidence even more? When I have my nails done. And I have the coolest nail lady ever! She can seriously do whatever I ask her to and it's amazing. This is where the giveaway is happening. Chandra of, Beauty is Payne, is doing a shellac nail giveaway with me! So, what do you have to do for this amazeballs giveaway?
1. "Like" her page on FB here.
2. Follow my blog on Bloglovin
3. Comment and let me know you have done BOTH on this post.
Winner will be announced October 30th, 2013.
Good luck my lovelies.
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September 28, 2013

// Europe 2013 //

So, umm. Europe was awesome. But honestly, where do I even begin to tell you about my whole vacation? It's pretty much impossible. So I'll tell you my favorite parts:
style pizza (obviously not in Europe but we had a layover in Chicago so we went and explored)Bru na Boinne in Ireland
Trimm Castle
Riding in a bus for 3 hours to Edinburgh
Walking in Edinburgh trying to find somewhere to stay
Holyrood Castle
Whitby Abbey
York Minster
Cambridge College
*Westminster Abbey*
Taking to tube everywhere
"Mind the gap"
Dad getting into minor car accidents
Wales was breathtaking
Staying in B&Bs every night

I know that's only a few of the things we did. But seriously it was the trip of a lifetime! Here is a video by Bridget that sums up our vacation in 6 minutes. :) Enjoy my lovelies!

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September 7, 2013

// Winner Winner//

So, guys. We totes have a winner for the blog redesign giveaway with Kaylie. She's so great. Anyway... I used to get our winner.
And our winner is ANNE ROWLEY! Thanks so much to everyone who participated!
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August 31, 2013

// Blog Design Giveaway //

Gals, friends, new friends: my blog got an INCREDIBLE new layout design by the amazingly talented Kaylie MariePeople. I'll say it again: she is uh-may-zing. Plus, she's a dream to work with. Basically all I had to tell her was a color scheme I had in mind and then I sent her a link to a blog that I liked the lay out of and what does she do? Magic, that's what.

So, why am I telling you how amazing and awesome she is? Because we're doing a giveaway for one of her basic packages (50 bucks worth of stuff)! So, does your blog need a facelift? Are you just starting out and want to be awesome from the get go? Then here is your chance.

You must be a follower of my blog via the "Follow this blog button" through Bloglovin
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** Please comment below saying what you did! Remember to complete all the steps to enter **

Also, check out Kaylie's design site and see what she can do. I wasn't lying when I said she's pretty much amazing.

Entering for the giveaway will go from August 31st-September 7th at noon mst.

Get goin' my loves.

Ps, I'll post about my Europe trip next week and there will be ANOTHER giveaway in the near future.

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July 7, 2013


Woah, it's been a hot minute since I last posted. And it's mainly due to the fact that I've been having such a fun summer! I feel like I haven't been in one place for too long.

Life of the young and the restless....

Since the date from hell, I went to the zoo with friends, visited This is the Place Heritage Park, went to a bees game, had a girlfriend from NZ come over and spend a few weeks with us before Sarah's wedding. Had an awesome BBQ, gave Sarah a pinterest worthy bridal shower. Had family pictures done by the amazing Lyndsi Espinel! Got to see my first wedding sealing for my twin sisters wedding! Booyah, it was awesome! Helped decorate Sarah's reception center. Partied at the reception. Decorated a car. Went to St. George with my mom and sister in law! Went and saw a play at Tuacahn. Went to a REal Salt Lake soccer game. Went up the canyon and roasted hot dogs and made S'mores. Went camping over the weekend of the 4th. We rode horses to the edge of Bryce Canyon and we watched a local rodeo until I couldn't stay awake anymore (plus, it was super cold and windy).

Honestly, this summer has been pretty much awesome and it's only getting better! I'm going to Seattle this week and then......

Europe in August!

May 14, 2013

//Mind Altering//

You know what is cool? An accent. I love them! People who come here from different countries and are able to retain their accent is super awesome. Do you know what isn't cool? Pretending that you're from a different country, putting on an accent and then letting the person know half way through a date that you aren't really from there...

Last night I went on a date with a guy who told me he was from Scotland. I'd heard him on the phone and his accent sounded legit. We decided to "meet up- which according to him is exactly one hour. I met him at Jamba Juice at 7:45. We ordered our drinks, he talked in his Scottish accent. Talked to me about his family overseas which sounded legit. I was doing all the talking. Meaning, I asked allt he questions and he answered. I asked about his scar on his arm; he didn't want to talk about it. The past is the past and I believe in leaving it there." That's true, I believe that too. But then he told me about how he got the scar... Running away from a police dog who was chaising him, jumped the fence, broke it in half, had to walk a mile and a half to a hospital because his own car was near where the policemen were. Awesome. Then I asked where he lived now and he told me and I said I had lived in Provo once (Raintree Apartments to be exact) and that I loved it, he said he felt sorry for me because it was BYU approved housing. I asked what he meant by that, and he said because of the rule and rules are meant to be broken. We had already talked baout his mission at this point in the conversation and I said, oh the mission must have been fun for you then. He said he didn't want to get into it. So, we didn't.

At this point, he started checking his phone and let me know that we had 20 minutes left in our meet up. He then told me he had something mind altering to tell me. I had no idea what it was going to be because what was so mind altering to let me know on a first meet up? Well, it was that he really wasn't from Scotland. That he just likes to do the accent because he's good at it. So, basically everything we had talked about was a BIG. Fat. Lie. Who does that? Other highlights of things I learned are the following:

  • Girls are awful with money
  • Dads baby their daughters
  • I come from money
  • I was in the popular group in highschool
  • (The last two he said he could tell by my body language)
  • That I can chew a piece of gum for a long time

Yes, this date was mind altering. It solidified the fact that dating really sucks about 90% of the time. And man, I can't wait to find someone who is normal.

April 11, 2013

// Who Loves Mama //

Friends, mamas, ladies, gents: let’s talk about someone near to our heart- Mum. She’s the lady who drove you to dance, soccer, baseball, piano; kept your pets alive or bought a new fish to replace old ones.  Mum is also the lady who helped raise you to be the perfect person you are today. How lucky are we to have awesome Mums?


My mum is top notch and I love her with all my heart. Elaine has been one of my biggest fans since day one. She came to all my dance/piano recitals, stayed up late sewing costumes, went back to college with 4 young kids, moved to a different country, planned awesome birthday parties, cheered the loudest at softball games, and been a great example to me. My mother is one of the most giving people you’ll ever meet. She truly is amazing and I love her so much.


This year make sure you let your mama know how much she means to you. For me, I love to send cards to people I love, so I found the cutest Etsy shop with some seriously cute cards. I’m going to give away one of these cute cards to one of my followers. All you have to do is follow my blog (on the right it says “Join This Site”) and leave a comment saying your favorite thing about your Mum. 

 (Giveaway ends April 19th)

And remember, Mother's Day is May 12th. 

March 30, 2013

//two out of three//

This is a blog post about how when it rains it pours. Maybe for some of my readers it's more like a sprinkle, but me, I basically doubled the dates I've been in two days than I have in three months. I know my posts about awful dates are much more entertaining than ones that actually go well, so I'll start with the almost bad one first.

I was supposed to go on 3 dates this week, people. THREE. I had planned them perfectly; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I worked Tuesday night until 4am and had to be back in Logan to work that same morning. The first date was set up through the stake. Our ward a few weeks ago in Relief Society, they sent around a blind date sign up and Bridget and I decided we were going to sign up for kicks and giggles. Plus, everyone else in RS was wiggin' out. I signed up knowing I wouldn't be able to go because I had work the night the mass blind date was going to happen. Dangit! :) Anyway, homie #1 called and asked me out, I had to decline. Then he kept asking me out and I was always busy. I finally set some time aside and we decided to go on Wednesday. The day of our date he texts me and wants to push the time for our date back further because he wanted to go to a BBQ at 6. So, I agreed. Finally around the time we were supposed to go he texted me to say he was still there and I just texted back and said, you know what? I'm tired, I worked late and had to be back in Logan early and for him to have fun at his BBQ. He texted back and said okay, we can reschedule if you want... Homie #1 did not get a text back. So, that was almost date numero uno.

I got set up through some friends with date number 2. And lets be success rate from blind dates when a friend sets me up isn't high. They're usually disatrous. You can find those dates here and here. I would try and tell you the connection of how I got set up, but it's kind of confusing. So, homie #2 came and got me on Thursday night and I immediately felt like I knew him. He's kind of like one of my really good friends in Logan, I felt like I knew him. He took me to Color Me Mine, which I have been dying to go to for a long time. I was pretty pumped! I made an awesome mug design and he made a mug that had the Jazz logo on one side and the Atlanta Braves logo on the other side.Then we went to the Porcupine Grill for dinner. It was awesome! If you haven't been there to eat, you need to. And he had me back home at a reasonable hour. Plus, he was really easy to talk to. It was the best date I've been on in a long time. And come on, you guys would have to agree with me. I didn't have to pay for myself, bring my own food, hear about how he only likes cheap dates... Win, win, win! I had a really good time.

Now, for my last date. I met this boy on Tinder. Don't judge me. You can find people on online dating type things. And for those of you that don't know what Tinder is, it's an app that anonymously finds out who likes you nearby,  and connects you with them if you're also interested. Tinder has been the best time waster ever. Plus, I get to show off how witty I am via text message. In real life I seem to not be able to come across as witty. Anyway, I had talked to homie #3 for about two weeks and decided to go out with him. He took me to Red Ginger- a sushi place and it was awesome! Then after that we went and got cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory and took it back to his place to eat. We were able to talk and get to know each other better on the date. He's really funny too, which I like. All in all, it was a really good date.

I'm liking what's going on in my dating life right now and if either of the boys I went on a date with asked me out again, I'd definitely say yes. So here is to hopin' for good things to come!

March 11, 2013

Guest Post// Kenzi Staples// & a Winner!

My name is Kenzi. I am the author of the blog Love Me Some Lemons. You can check out my blog here.  I am a 22 year old {single} student, and working on being happy in the relationship status that I am in, or lack thereof.  When it comes to dating I have had my fair share of bad experiences, awkward dates, and red flags that were overlooked which then, of course, turned into heart break.  With these experiences under my belt I would like to share with you some personal experiences (unfortunately), and the experiences of those I know, that scream to Get The Freak Out {GTFO} of a relationship. Unfortunately, we sometimes overlook those red flags because we are so blinded by our rose colored glasses.
When it’s time to get the freak out;
-          You feel bad for how expensive the food is when you are on a date with your boyfriend, so you apologize and he lets you repay him by buying his carwash (his idea), GTFO.
-          Oh, and then he complains because you buy him the cheapest car wash. Seriously, get the freak out.
-          Your boyfriend tells you “there’s just a little voice inside my head saying you’re not good enough.” GTFO! Ladies-your man should think you’re the dang bee’s knees.
-          Your man tells you “babe, you’re just big boned.” GTFO. Your man should help you to feel beautiful, and he definitely should not bring you down.
-          If you have a “friend” that only calls you late at night and those late night encounters turn into non-committal kissing, GTFO. It will only cause you heartbreak in the end.
-          If you find out that the person you are engaged to cheated on his former wife and has been divorced a time more than you thought (true story, unfortunately), GTFO.
-          If you’re engaged and find out your ring is fake (I’ve known multiple people who found out after their engagement was called off), GTFO.  Fake rings are great-if you know it’s fake and it doesn’t bother you.
-          When you don’t feel the urge to be a better person when you are with your significant other, GTFO.
-          If you are in a long-distance relationship and you are the only one doing the traveling so the two of you can be together and the effort is not reciprocated, GTFO.  
-          If a boy is kissing you but not taking you on dates, GTFO. Unfortunately, he is probably using you.
Although there are many more GTFO moments, I will end there. Hopefully this helped you, made you laugh, or made you grateful for the relationship you are in. Until next time. 
AND we have a winner of the bracelet. It's Amanda Peterson. Email me at so I can get it shipped out to you!

(Winner selected by

Keep it real.

March 7, 2013

Guest Post // Felica

oh miss slizzzzyyy slizzerton. where the heck do i even begin this intimate tale of friendship?!
there is no better way to begin a friendship than a road trip; fact. i met my hubs on a roadtrip to mexico.
and i met two of my best girlfrannns on an impromptu car ride to lake powell, aka h e a v e n. 
liz pulled up to my house in her little not quite a car, not quite and suv, one of a kind zippy little kia thing blastin' her roadtrippin jams + i was in love. 
she is a fun, feisty thing who knows what she wants and isnt afraid to tell you. we bonded over sunshine, foam dance parties and fire engulfed jump ropes (if you are wondering, video below)
and unlike most MTV love stories, our friendship did not die after the bags were unpacked. 
oh no no no. on the contrary we have grown closer ever since. 

now im an old maid now, all married + not in the "scene". and happily not in the scene. you could say i was never the best at dating. probably because i mostly hate it. in utah its a contest to see how many dates you can land... in like a day. 
i have this phobia- of dates with people i dont know. s o w e i r d.  and as much as i shouldn't admit this i am going to; except for a couple "i need you to go out with his friend so i can go out with him" exception; i never went on a date with a guy i didnt already really like. and i would say that was a mistake if i hadnt finally met my super amazing sugar daddy. 
but i digress. the dating world is a smelly tar pit. men just aren't  gentlemen anymore and chicks are the new frickin' dudes. we need to check our gender roles people. (myself included, this isnt a lecture)

so, while i pray for all my single friends every night to find their hubs in shining armor. i need your prayers too! marriage is, woah. how do i even describe it? its like everyyyything you LOVE + then all the stuff that drives you n u t s rolled into one giant hug. it just engulfs you in all this newness and all this happiness and leaves you to sort yourself out. 
it is so perfect + so completely messed up. and i love it that way. when you find the person you should be with for eternity your life will change (in every way) for the best. 

so my advice, is to always go with your gut. 
my hubs teases me for this. he always says "you make such fast decisions" and yeah, sometimes when im too impatient to try on those jeans it bites me in the butt. but with those heart decisions; it truly works (and the hubs knows that, how does he think he married me?;)

powellooza 2011 (our glory days.)

felica is the creator of a blog about nothing + everything all at the same time and food, yes sweet sweet food. check out her journey from seriously confused and single to more than happily married here.

March 6, 2013

Timpanogas Date

So, seeing as I haven't been on a date since Christmas I had to get this take from my vault of weird dates I've been apart of. This date was with a boy that I had been on a few dates with. He said we were going to go on a hike with some of his friends and their girlfriends. He said we were going to hike Mt. Timpanogas. If you aren’t familiar with this hike there are two sides. The front side is nice and paved and leads to some caves. Then there’s the back side. A straight up hike from you know where. In my mind, I thought we were going to be doing the nice paved one, because that’s all I had ever done. So being the nice girl I am, I packed a little back pack of two water bottles and two granola bars; one for each of us. I was certain that would be enough until we got back down from the hike. Anyway, homeboy came to get me early the next morning and we drive to the place and that’s where I learned that we would be hiking the backside of Mt. Timpanogas. I had zero idea what I was getting myself into.
About 5 hours into the hike I was worn out. I had already had my water bottle and eaten my granola bar. The girls that had come along were babies. They stopped every five minutes because they were too tired. I was quickly becoming annoyed and just wanted to get to the top so I  just went on my own. And in another two hours I made it to the top. I waited for my guy to get to the top and we sat there for about 15 minutes and decided we weren’t waiting for anyone else and we got up and literally ran down the mountain. It took 3 hours to get down the hill running which brings us to a whopping 10 hours of hiking. Because my date was the one who drove everyone we had to wait for the rest of the group we had to wait in his car. And to add the cherry on top of this 10 hour ordeal, while we waited in his car the guy realized his tank was on empty so we couldn’t turn his car on for heat. By the time I got home I was frozen, hungry and grumpy. Needless to say, I haven’t done that hike since then.

February 27, 2013


Is this real life? Yeah, it is.

I'm teaming up with the cutest Etsy shop ever: AMH Accessories. She makes hand-stamped jewelry, hand made head bands, hair bows, baby bow ties, bow tie onesies and more! I got a cute hand stamped bracelet with my initial on it and absolutely love it.

Here is a picture of the bracelet I got.

The beauty of the bracelet is that you can wear it everyday. I wear mine with my watch as an extra accessory. It's perfect to wear on a date too! Seriously, so many options to wear this bad boy. So, we've decided that we're giving away one of these lovely bracelets! There are a few things you'll have to do first.

1. "Like" AMH Accesories on here FB page, here
2. Follow this blog
3. Comment on this post that you're a follower and that you liked the FB page.
(4). For an extra entry you can follow AMH Accessories on Instagram @AMHaccessories.

What do you have to lose? Go ahead and enter. It takes like one minute out of your day. The winner of the giveaway will be announced on Friday, March 8th.

Good luck!

February 20, 2013

Now You Know

Maybe some of you know that I'm a twin. Maybe you don't. Anyway, my twins name is Sarah. She is dah.bomb.

We work together at Primary Children's Hospital and pretty much everyone has the hardest time telling us apart. Read: everyone calls me Sarah. No one ever calls her Liz. Grr.

But really though, it's okay. I've been answering to her name (and Bridget's and Nick's name) my whole life.

We worked on the same side  last night at the hospital and thought it would be funny to dress alike. It ended up being pretty funny. And it definitely had people thinking who was who.

  (We think we're pretty funny)

February 11, 2013


....spring break can't come soon enough.

Bridget and I are going to Seattle for spring break to visit our broski and sissy-in-law. And seriously I just want it to be March 11th already! I was looking up things we can do and places to go while we're there and it's going to be dahhh bomb!

And it'll be nice to get out of 7 degree weather.

And maybe we'll stop in and check out SGMW (Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital) while we're there and meet up with McDreamy and McSteamy. *Sigh* 

January 9, 2013

Christmas Date

When you're single, your friends like to hook up with people. After the date I begin to question my friendship with said person- what did I do to make them not like me? What type of  young man do they think I'm interested in? And if it's THAT type, then I need to change it as soon as possible.

With that being said,  I went on a blind date over the Christmas break. My "friend" set us up. Here is the info my friend gave me prior to agreeing to the date: he's 27, graduated from the U in marketing, active in the church, really respectful, and witty. Sounds awesome, right? I thought so too.

We decided to go on a date. I hadn't gone to see the lights at temple square yet so he decided we'd go do that and then the rest would be surprise. Yay! I love surprises. The surprise that showed up at my door wasn't too bad. He's not exactly my type, but I can get over some things. In the car ride to the temple I was being my awesome self; funny, charming- those types of things.Things seemed to be going O-kay.

We got to the temple and were walking around the grounds when he starts pushing and shoving me. I didn't do it back. He asked why I wasn't "playing" back. Trying to be funny I said "I'm a lover not a fighter type.... Plus, I'm 24...." He continued to do that until we reached our hot chocolate destination. In the mean time, he's telling me about a crazy ex girlfriend he had. Cool. We order our hot chocolate and sit down in the little cafe and we're just chit chatting about his mission, his college experience, high school stuff, and dating. He tells me he never dated in high school and so he's a late bloomer and that he "never spends a lot of money on a first date because they don't usually go anywhere." And boom. I'd had it. I can take the obnoxious, over the top pushing type of flirting. I can handle hearing about a girl you used to date. But when you tell me that spending money on a date isn't worth it, what I hear is- you're not worth the money.

The date ended shortly after that and he drove me home. Where he kept trying to squeeze my knee because he thought it was funny and it was tickling me. I asked him to stop.

It was just a weird date. It wasn't bad, but weird. Who says or talks about those things on a first date? Get it together boys.
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