October 30, 2011


It's been a fun and busy week. I worked 36 hours, attended all of my classes, did homework, made (some) time for my social life, hit the gym, lost three pounds, went to three dance parties, AND made it to slc to hear my Dad's talk in church. Busy? I think so.Even though this busy schedule results in me being tired and having to take on old woman's bed time, I don't mind it at all. Because deep inside of me, lives an old woman. So it's only natural that I give in to her desires for rest.

One thing I do put on the back burner when my life becomes super busy is the social part of it. I like having friends and doing things, but getting good grades, staying healthy and working become a bigger priority to me. But my friends are quick to remind me that sometimes I need to unwind or else I'll break at some point. So we had a party at my house on Friday night where I went as the ever popular classy cat and on Saturday night me and the girls went to The Howl at USU and the attended Hamilton's dance extravaganza. It was so much fun. I used Ashton's costume from last year and went as Officer Naughty. We got our dance on everywhere. One thing I wasn't used to were boys actually coming up and asking if we wanted to dance. Never had that happen before except at Region dances when I was in middle school. Anyway, I'll sign off using my usual collage of pictures from my weekend experiences. :)

Falling In Love

Today, I get to read Jane Eyre and fall in love with Rochester. Am I the only one who loves him?

October 27, 2011

Computer Experts

How many people does it take to fix a printer in the TSC?

Apparently, nine.

October 26, 2011

Twenty-Seven is a lucky number

Today is my parent's twenty seventh wedding anniversary. Wow. Twenty seven years. They are some of the best people I know and have been through it all. I hope I can find someone who will put up with me for that amount of time. :) Thanks for everything you do and setting the example for your children.

October 25, 2011

Vegas Vacation

I love Vegas. I love my family. Those two worlds came together this weekend and it was wonderful. It was fall break and my Mom planned the best girls trip ever. We left Friday morning, super early, and made it to V-town around noon.

Shopping is what the Buckner girls are genetically made to do. We wasted no time in getting to our first shop- H&M where I got some cutie pie things! I love their clothes. Seriously. I am so excited for the H&M store to be opening at the Fashion Place Mall. However, my bank account will not like it. :)

We then went to Wild Oats and had lunch, dropped our things off at the hotel and headed out for more shopping. In Vegas they have the worlds best F21 there. It did not fail in supplying with me endless amounts of want. So many cute things! My Mom treated us all and got us some new things. :) Love her all the much! I got a new winter jacket (which I was in desperate need of), a skirt and a few tops. :) Oh, and I got a striped dress because I love stripes oh so much.

After a little shopping we decided it was dinner time and went to the Paris and ate some French croissants and deserts. Life is too short to eat dinner first, and we were on vacation where calories never count.

The next day we stayed in Vegas for the morning and did a little more shopping around. Mainly we were looking for an animal print sparkly, jeweled phone cover. The cheapest one we found was for 55 bucks! Yeah, right! After looking around for a little bit we headed over to St. Geezy, to go to the event we were there for! Thriller!!!

We ate and took more pictures.:) And surprise, surprise- shopped more. Thriller was pretty dang good too! They had the zombies walking through the isles and I got put on the end because I am the only one who wouldn't react when they got all up in my grill. 

Girls Vegas vacation was a much needed trip for my sanity. A quick shot out to my Momma, who made this all possible. I had such a fun time. :) And you're a babe.

October 15, 2011

Halloween Activities

Remember how my life is so much fun about 97% of the time. This weekend was no exception. Actually, the weekend isn't even over yet and so far it's been awesome! Last night Nick, Allison, Felica and Ashton came over and we had a Halloween activities get together. We carved pumpkins, ate Halloween themed Oreo's made carmel apples and most importantly we watched "A Nightmare Before Christmas." I love my family and friends so much.  It was seriously so much fun and I'm glad everyone could come over.

Started the night off right.

We are so much fun. 

 They are so precious. 

You know it's Halloween when you use a knife for the stick in your candied apple.

I love Nick and Allison.

I obviously found my camera (which I am so, very happy about)  so I could document the night. I love the fall season and everything about it. It's like a giant kick off into spending time with your family, and I love mine. I also really like my friends. I think they're great. Thanks for a great Friday night. :)

October 8, 2011

Recipe Time

Sunday dinner is tomorrow and it's my turn to cook. So this is what I'm going to make.

So yummy, right? Just in case you're interested in making this delicious meal for yourself and roommates or whoever, here is the recipe.

White Bean Chicken Chili

4 cans white northern beans(don't drain)
4 chicken breasts
1 jar of medium salsa
1 small can of diced green chillis

 Place chicken breasts in crock pot. Pour over the 4 cans of beans (with juice), salsa and chillis.
Cook on high 4 hours. Take out a breast and see if cooked through and see if it shreds easily. If not return to crock pot and cook another 30 min to hour. Remove chicken and shred it then return to crock pot and mix around in beans/sauce.
Serve with shredded cheese, sour cream, and/or crushed tortilla chips on top. 

Enjoy! :) 
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