March 29, 2012


(Hopefully my behavior shows my beliefs)

March 28, 2012

Tax Time

Mom did my taxes last night. I'm getting back a whopping $1,737. I have never gotten that much back. Ever. I am so excited.
Here is how I plan on spending that money:
Car payment
Credit card
Lap top
Vacation (New York, Florida, or cruise)

I think Florida would be fun because I've never gone there. I've never been a cruise, so that would be sweet too. I just don't even know what to do with all this money! Maybe I should put some in savings for a rainy day... What are your thoughts? Where are the best places to find good deals? Holler at your girl.

March 20, 2012


Just in case we didn't rub it in your face enough that the Buckner Clan went to Hawaii... Here are a few pictures just to make you more jealous.

Looks like fun, eh? It was. Here my day to day journal entry as well from the trip so I could remember everything we did. :)

Left for las Vegas at 11:30, made dumb raps with dad, stopped in St. George and got Carmel apples for bridge, read dad my blog, made it to Vegas, went shopping at fashion show, ate ate whole foods-fruits, went to Venetian and took bridge to meet up with friends, turned in rental car, waited at airport, left at 1:30 am
Got in at 6 am got rental car, malasads, swap meet got shirts, ring, muu muu, went to USS AZ memorial- had to wait so went to punch bowl, then went to rainbow cafe from DDD, went back memorial, went through museum, watched movie, checked in at hotel, walked to the beach at Waikiki, came back and got mom and Sarah, went to Ala Moana mall, ate dinner there, got Dad new swim shorts, rode trolley to and from mall, got ice creams 
Went running with bridge 3.5 miles 
did abs with bridge, left for hanuman bay, ate malasadas for breakfast ,Hanauma bay, Dad got yelled at for stepping on coral 1,000 times, got scratched on thigh and butt, all laid on the beach and fell asleep, Nick lost wedding ring, went to halona blow hole, went to another look out, ate at hanks haute dogs from DDD, Fam went to church, I stayed-read and tanned, Bridge napped, St. Germaine's bakery got treats, went to Pali look out with D, S, B, went to waimanalo and got an ice cream
MONDAY 3/12 
Dad and Liz woke up early, St. Germaine's, went to Pali look out, rainy in the morning, heard news about roommate Brittany and Grandma being in hospital, Cinnamons for breakfast, Dole plantation- got pineapple ice cream, Asian man who was super close so dad let him go ahead of us, went to waimea to swim at the beach
Dad taught me and bridge to swim in the waves, Ku'aina for lunch pineapple hamburger, went and Matsumoto's to get shave ice, I had raspberry tangerines, went to makapuu lighthouse, 2.5 mile hike, Dad and Nick went to Walmart an got boogie boards, I went to bed 
Dad and bridge went running, hiked diamond head, malasadas, Makapuu beach, Waimanalo beach, Lainkai beach, Waimea, wind farm, shrimp farm in north shore, 
Garlic shrimp, cleaned out car- lots of sand from the day, Killer tacos, red headed birds from Rio, Mataumotos shaved ice, got t-shirts from there, boogie boarding- caught waves, dropped Nick off and picked him up, tried to get a hold of Duane no phone number, Brittany is doing well, feeling in legs and no more surgery!, got rained on at lainikai.Mitt Romney won Hawaii

Walked to beach -Waikiki, drove to Kailua, got food for breakfast, hiked maunawili falls - 3 miles total, really muddy, crossed Rivers, two guys jumping off the rocks into the water, huge group of hikers, went to beach and went kayaking, two hours, Mom, me and Sarah stayed on the beach, everyone got sun burned, ate lunch at Zippy's, Mom got tickets to show, came home and changed at hotel, went to show - Ha, love story too much. Very different from last time 
Thursday 3/15
Sarah and dad got malasadas, went to university of Hawaii, highest concentration of Asians in nicks major, temple, BYU-HI, Kiwi pies, Turtle bay, Halieva-nick got hamburger and shave ice, lots of bathroom stops, International market place, hot dog at Hanks haute dogs, Snl clips at airport. 
Friday 3/16Lots of stops, whole foods, St George cedar city, Spanish fork, traded drivers,  
turned in rental car, Bridge and Liz got hair done, Sarah got nails redone 

March 6, 2012

I melt...

...........At the sight of this baby.

This is Ridger George Jensen. He's so cute. I love his cute little cheeks. And he's wearing the Gap hoodie I bought him when he was born.  I can't wait to kiss those cheeks and hold him.
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