March 28, 2012

Tax Time

Mom did my taxes last night. I'm getting back a whopping $1,737. I have never gotten that much back. Ever. I am so excited.
Here is how I plan on spending that money:
Car payment
Credit card
Lap top
Vacation (New York, Florida, or cruise)

I think Florida would be fun because I've never gone there. I've never been a cruise, so that would be sweet too. I just don't even know what to do with all this money! Maybe I should put some in savings for a rainy day... What are your thoughts? Where are the best places to find good deals? Holler at your girl.


  1. Well your sister-in-law had a hard time adjusting to reality after Hawaii, so probably you should take her on a cruise with all your pennies. Just an idea :)

  2. OR you can take a trip to AZ :) But for realsies, I would say save a small portion of it!!! I know it feels like "extra" money and spending it all would be fun, but saving some is always a blessing. That way you won't have to pay with credit ;)


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