April 5, 2012


I'm here at work until 2 am. :( Worst choice of my life. I hate staying up late. It's the worst. So why did I pick up this shift. I can't seem to remember. Probably because I was hard up for some money last time I picked up shifts. And now with this tax return, as long as I work my normal hours I'll be fine on the money side of things. But now I'm stuck.

I decided what to buy with my money from my tax return. The complete 10 seasons of Friends. I am putting the rest of my money towards rent, car payment and credit card. Only one indulgence. AND I just bought it online. Yay! So it's a done deal. I will be the owner of all the seasons in 3-5 business days.

I am also going to start watching Lost this weekend. My brother said it's super good and talked about it the whole time we were in Hawaii. And then he was telling me about it the other day at work, so I've decided that I'll give it a go. I've heard it's addicting. Anyway, that's about all my ramblings for now.


  1. I would 110% agree with Nick. Its freakin awesome. And verrrry addicting. Have fun with that :) Then you'll need to watch Psych for some laughs, and 24 for some awesome action. :)


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