November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

My family is traditionally nontraditional. While most families spend time with their extended family on Thanksgiving, mine does whatever it can to not participate. So, we go on vacations during Thanksgiving most years. This year we spent Thanksgiving in Vegas.I swear Vegas is my family's one spot we go to more frequently for holidays than most people. We just love it. And Vegas has some of the best shopping ever.

It was fun to be with the fam bam. Well, the three girls with Jeff and Elaine. Jeff and I rode the New York roller coaster at New York New York. We shopped a lot (think a trunk load because of Black Friday sales), visited Bonnie springs and some other springy area, Jeff gave everyone shoulder rides, we saw the place where J&E used to live, walked around a lot, ate at a buffet for Thanksgiving dinner.

(J&E Thanksgiving 2012)

 (Buckner triplets Thanksgiving 2012)

(self explanatory)

I love my family. I'm thankful for them everyday and am so lucky they're in my life for-ev-er.

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