September 23, 2010

Get it Girl

So, I did it. I got a blog. The next problem is, what do I blog about?
Life is fantastic at the moment.
I'm going to school and working and back in the game we call dating.
I've had an interesting past few days.
I love watching Rob&Big. Glee. Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
I guess the first blog is the hardest, but I'll get it down.
For now, I'm just trying to figure out the background settings and pictures.




  1. Sweet, now I can creep your facebook page and your blog As for ideas to blog about--you're creative and funny, you'll think of some great stuff to blog about. I'd love to see some in depth reviews on those shows you are into so I can decide if I want to watch them. I can't believe you haven't had a carb since 2006!!! Amazing!

  2. Don't worry Liz, I'm a total creeper and am going to stalk you on your blog cause that's what I do. I'm proud to share my name with you.


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