April 19, 2011

Hey, buddies!

My favorite buddy turned 23 yesterday. He was doing stuff with his fam so Court and I took him out to din din at Wingers tonight. A day later. :) Seriously, one of my favorite friends I've made here in Logan. He's always been there for me, was the friend I needed when I wanted someone to talk to. Heck, I even spot him lifting weights at the gym. My friend, Cam Webb is an unforgettable one. He makes me laugh. So here's to you birthday boy!

We went to Wingers and they gave us this HUGE free dessert. Cam was in heaven. 

I'm not eating sweets until Sarah comes home, so Court and Cam enjoyed it all to themselves. :)

We had a good ol' time.

Unfortunately, I had to head to work straight after. Fortunately, I had my laptop and camera. :) So I could upload all my pictures from the evenings events.

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  1. he is great looking, and so are you two girls. someone should make him into a kissing friend


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