April 13, 2011

I've got it bad.

Okay people. I'm about to admit that, well, I'm having an acne attack. Seriously!? I'm 22 this shouldn't be happening at my age. What are your best face washes, zit creme, home made remedies? This is seriously sooo embarrassing so help a girl out. ASAP.

Loves and rockets,



  1. Well I know a lot of people breakout when they are pregnant... So maybe... Haha no jk, but it is the hormones when you are pregnant that cause acne, so if you are still doing HCG then that is probably the cause! Or if you are taking OxyElite still, that might be it because I think that caffeine causes acne too. I saw some people on the reviews say that they broke out when they took it...so I dunno! Try going off some of those supplements maybe and see if it makes a difference! But I'm really not the expert. Haha

  2. OXY spot treatment is my best friend. It's a tiny bottle and it lasts forever. I rarely get zits, but when I do it's like a full blown massacre and this stuff clears it up in a few days. It will dry out your skin so make sure you have a good face lotion too


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