June 21, 2011


Wow, has it really been almost two months since I last blogged. Sorry to those of you who like my random ramblings.

I can describe Texas in three words: Humid and Hot.
I don't know how people who live here year round do it because it's just too much all the time. I haven't done much since being here except work. But that's what I'm here for. I have however visited my cousins who live four hours away in Corpus Christi for the weekend. It was nice to get away. They showed me around the town and we went to a hot spot where locals play music on the weekend. 

We had a blast.

I started going to a ward that's about forty minutes away from where I live because the Bishop is my old neighbor from the Dub Jay. Small world. And there were some guys in the ward that I went to high school with! They're a few years older than me, but we all connected because we're all Jags at heart. :) I've been out twice with one of them, Tyler Jones. It's been good.

Since I'm here by myself a lot, I've decided to start reading a lot more. So far I have read one book and I'm currently working on one called, The Book Thief. It's way good so far! I love how reading can transform your world into a completely new and different one.


As usual, I've still been working on my fitness. It's the current love of my life and I'm guessing it will be for awhile. I'm doing two-a-days. Weights in the morning and cardio at night. I'm completely loving it. I got a few free personal training sessions because I'm an excellent flirt and know how to work it. Basically the guy totally worked me hard core, but I was loving it the entire time! I got a cardio/calorie counter watch thing to help me stay in the "Fat Burning Zone" during my workouts and I think it's working. I also started taking something called Lean EFX- it's a fat burner but it doesn't have tons of caffeine in it so you don't feel all jittery. Which is fantastic! I'm going to be running in the Las Vegas Ragnar this year in October, and I signed up to do the Dirty Dash the weekend after Ragnar. It's looking like it will be a busy month. But I'm excited.

July is almost here and I'm ready for it! My cousin Michelle is coming up for the holiday and we're going to go to an Astro's game and see the city of Houston. It should be a lot of fun. Anyway, I've caught you all up to speed on what's going on here in the 281. I promise to post more frequently!!

Take it easy now, ya hear? :)


  1. LOVED the update! So glad you're doing good! Houston will be fun--I was born right by there in Katy, if you go by, wave for me! Thanks for the book suggestions, I'm going to give The Book Thief one more try.

  2. You are a workout machine!! I tried twoadays for about a week, but I seriously was dying. You've inspired me to do it again!!

  3. Liz you need to post more on your blog. I love reading it. I plan on starting two-a-days this weekend when I get back home. You will be my inspiration!


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