July 13, 2011

Amarillo Skies.

Have you ever heard the song by Jason Aldean, Amarillo Sky? I'm currently living that song. Here in good ol' HOT Amarillo. 

My office decided on a Wednesday that we were leaving Houston and going to Amarillo. And we were here Saturday night. It was an 11 hour car drive by myself. 

A plus about moving to Amarillo is that I have family here! Woo! My cousins were here staying a few weeks with their Dad so we have been able to hang out.We went mini golfing, mountain biking (a new hobby I'm going to look into once back home), went to the gym together, spent the 4th together playing pool and went to a baseball game. 

                                                          Me and Emmy Bear at the game.
                                                            Don't mind the hair in my face.

Em and Tom went home to Corpus Christi and now my social life has ended. Ha. Back to obsessing about the gym, I guess.

My two-a-days have been kicking my butt, as usual. I'm so tired! But hopefully I'll be ripped out of my mind when I get home. I had started using a fat burner called Lean EFX but it didn't really do anything. Or I didn't feel differently when I'm on it. I have taken another fat burner called Oxy Elite Pro which I really like. So it's a great pre-work out and you can also take it during later on in the day. If y'all need some motivating ads, check out Nike Women's new ads online. They're fantastic and it makes me want to push myself more.That's about all I've got for today. 

Keep on rockin'!

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