February 28, 2012

Hints Much?

Disclaimer: This post is not about me. Also in our family the motto is "you mess with the bean, you get the burrito."

Here are a few hints for the person who obviously that I (we) obviously don't want to talk to you...

1. Your number is blocked.
2. I avoid you at all costs.
3. The family has no contact with you.
4. I meant it when I said to never talk to me again.
5. You are blocked from Facebook and are no longer "friends" my friends (the ultimate "diss" for our generation). 

So, please don't try to talk to me. In fact, let's pretend "we" never happened. Don't ask for me back. And most of all, do not hunt me down on campus, yank my backpack and force me to talk with you. 


The Burrito

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