January 9, 2013

Christmas Date

When you're single, your friends like to hook up with people. After the date I begin to question my friendship with said person- what did I do to make them not like me? What type of  young man do they think I'm interested in? And if it's THAT type, then I need to change it as soon as possible.

With that being said,  I went on a blind date over the Christmas break. My "friend" set us up. Here is the info my friend gave me prior to agreeing to the date: he's 27, graduated from the U in marketing, active in the church, really respectful, and witty. Sounds awesome, right? I thought so too.

We decided to go on a date. I hadn't gone to see the lights at temple square yet so he decided we'd go do that and then the rest would be surprise. Yay! I love surprises. The surprise that showed up at my door wasn't too bad. He's not exactly my type, but I can get over some things. In the car ride to the temple I was being my awesome self; funny, charming- those types of things.Things seemed to be going O-kay.

We got to the temple and were walking around the grounds when he starts pushing and shoving me. I didn't do it back. He asked why I wasn't "playing" back. Trying to be funny I said "I'm a lover not a fighter type.... Plus, I'm 24...." He continued to do that until we reached our hot chocolate destination. In the mean time, he's telling me about a crazy ex girlfriend he had. Cool. We order our hot chocolate and sit down in the little cafe and we're just chit chatting about his mission, his college experience, high school stuff, and dating. He tells me he never dated in high school and so he's a late bloomer and that he "never spends a lot of money on a first date because they don't usually go anywhere." And boom. I'd had it. I can take the obnoxious, over the top pushing type of flirting. I can handle hearing about a girl you used to date. But when you tell me that spending money on a date isn't worth it, what I hear is- you're not worth the money.

The date ended shortly after that and he drove me home. Where he kept trying to squeeze my knee because he thought it was funny and it was tickling me. I asked him to stop.

It was just a weird date. It wasn't bad, but weird. Who says or talks about those things on a first date? Get it together boys.


  1. Hilarious and delightful. I love this blog. Oh yes, I feel like we need to hang out soon Miss Liz.

  2. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, funny. You should keep blogging about dates, just the weird ones though, I love it! Also, you and Sarah are so cute in the one you're dressed alike, it doesn't get cuter then twins dressed alike! (I'm biased though


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