March 11, 2013

Guest Post// Kenzi Staples// & a Winner!

My name is Kenzi. I am the author of the blog Love Me Some Lemons. You can check out my blog here.  I am a 22 year old {single} student, and working on being happy in the relationship status that I am in, or lack thereof.  When it comes to dating I have had my fair share of bad experiences, awkward dates, and red flags that were overlooked which then, of course, turned into heart break.  With these experiences under my belt I would like to share with you some personal experiences (unfortunately), and the experiences of those I know, that scream to Get The Freak Out {GTFO} of a relationship. Unfortunately, we sometimes overlook those red flags because we are so blinded by our rose colored glasses.
When it’s time to get the freak out;
-          You feel bad for how expensive the food is when you are on a date with your boyfriend, so you apologize and he lets you repay him by buying his carwash (his idea), GTFO.
-          Oh, and then he complains because you buy him the cheapest car wash. Seriously, get the freak out.
-          Your boyfriend tells you “there’s just a little voice inside my head saying you’re not good enough.” GTFO! Ladies-your man should think you’re the dang bee’s knees.
-          Your man tells you “babe, you’re just big boned.” GTFO. Your man should help you to feel beautiful, and he definitely should not bring you down.
-          If you have a “friend” that only calls you late at night and those late night encounters turn into non-committal kissing, GTFO. It will only cause you heartbreak in the end.
-          If you find out that the person you are engaged to cheated on his former wife and has been divorced a time more than you thought (true story, unfortunately), GTFO.
-          If you’re engaged and find out your ring is fake (I’ve known multiple people who found out after their engagement was called off), GTFO.  Fake rings are great-if you know it’s fake and it doesn’t bother you.
-          When you don’t feel the urge to be a better person when you are with your significant other, GTFO.
-          If you are in a long-distance relationship and you are the only one doing the traveling so the two of you can be together and the effort is not reciprocated, GTFO.  
-          If a boy is kissing you but not taking you on dates, GTFO. Unfortunately, he is probably using you.
Although there are many more GTFO moments, I will end there. Hopefully this helped you, made you laugh, or made you grateful for the relationship you are in. Until next time. 
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