March 7, 2013

Guest Post // Felica

oh miss slizzzzyyy slizzerton. where the heck do i even begin this intimate tale of friendship?!
there is no better way to begin a friendship than a road trip; fact. i met my hubs on a roadtrip to mexico.
and i met two of my best girlfrannns on an impromptu car ride to lake powell, aka h e a v e n. 
liz pulled up to my house in her little not quite a car, not quite and suv, one of a kind zippy little kia thing blastin' her roadtrippin jams + i was in love. 
she is a fun, feisty thing who knows what she wants and isnt afraid to tell you. we bonded over sunshine, foam dance parties and fire engulfed jump ropes (if you are wondering, video below)
and unlike most MTV love stories, our friendship did not die after the bags were unpacked. 
oh no no no. on the contrary we have grown closer ever since. 

now im an old maid now, all married + not in the "scene". and happily not in the scene. you could say i was never the best at dating. probably because i mostly hate it. in utah its a contest to see how many dates you can land... in like a day. 
i have this phobia- of dates with people i dont know. s o w e i r d.  and as much as i shouldn't admit this i am going to; except for a couple "i need you to go out with his friend so i can go out with him" exception; i never went on a date with a guy i didnt already really like. and i would say that was a mistake if i hadnt finally met my super amazing sugar daddy. 
but i digress. the dating world is a smelly tar pit. men just aren't  gentlemen anymore and chicks are the new frickin' dudes. we need to check our gender roles people. (myself included, this isnt a lecture)

so, while i pray for all my single friends every night to find their hubs in shining armor. i need your prayers too! marriage is, woah. how do i even describe it? its like everyyyything you LOVE + then all the stuff that drives you n u t s rolled into one giant hug. it just engulfs you in all this newness and all this happiness and leaves you to sort yourself out. 
it is so perfect + so completely messed up. and i love it that way. when you find the person you should be with for eternity your life will change (in every way) for the best. 

so my advice, is to always go with your gut. 
my hubs teases me for this. he always says "you make such fast decisions" and yeah, sometimes when im too impatient to try on those jeans it bites me in the butt. but with those heart decisions; it truly works (and the hubs knows that, how does he think he married me?;)

powellooza 2011 (our glory days.)

felica is the creator of a blog about nothing + everything all at the same time and food, yes sweet sweet food. check out her journey from seriously confused and single to more than happily married here.

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