May 30, 2014

// Viva Italia //

So when I'm not complaining about my lack of a love life, I'm traveling the world. And if I'm not traveling the world, you can find me at work. Or in my bed. Yeah, you're most likely to find me in those two options.

This summer the winds changed and took me to a place that dreams are made of. And if you're anything like me I dream of food, amazing sunsets, ancient buildings, a culture a completely different of mine. The amazing thing is that we can actually experience those things. You get online and buy a ticket to a destination of your dreams, plan what you want to do while you're then and then one short 8-15 hour plane ride later, you're there. The whole flying business to wherever you want is kind of magical in a way. I mean, I can drive 10 hours and only be in Washington at the end of the drive. Not that I don't love the people who are waiting for me at the end of the 10 hour drive in Washington. :) It's just a whole different experience getting on a plane, flying over different countries to get to one specific destination.

Fifteen hours of sitting seems long, especially if you're trapped next to the drunk guy oblivious that you're sharing a very cramped space. But man, when you get off the plane and breathe air that isn't your air, it's totally worth it. After landing, rent a car (and get a GPS) and you'll be off to places you've only read about. 

Italy is everything and nothing you can imagine. It was amazing. It was breathtaking. I fell in love with Italy. And while I wish I could tell you every detail of the trip, I'm going to tell you three important things you need to know:

1. Italian pizza is good everywhere. Like, everywhere.
2. Gelato is a great breakfast option.
3. Italy is for lovers.

There are the couples who can't seem to unglue themselves from each other and it's not vulgar, it's endearing. People are in love and they don't care who knows it. When I see PDA here, it grosses me out. In Italy, it's amore! Just like when the moon hits your eye, like a big piece of pie. Speaking of pizza.... It's everywhere. It's available at ALL hours of the day. Gelato is another thing available at all hours of the day. Maybe you're not supposed to have pizza or gelato at 9am, but why do they even sell it at that hour then? The answer is you're actually supposed to eat it at that time.

I could never do our trip any justice with just words, so here is a video made by my sister of our trip. Enjoy it. And then go book your trip to some dream destination! 

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