November 14, 2010


This afternoon, I'm sitting at work. Doing what I do best: Creeping.

We aren't allowed to be on FB (another great site to creep unknowns) so I spend my time creeping blogs. Is it weird that I'm admitting this via blogspot? I don't think so.

I think creeping is just a form of flattery. It's me saying, or mostly just thinking, wow they've got a great life, how can I copy what they're doing so I have just as much fun. Or sometimes I see peoples blogs and think: wtf is going on there?

I LOVE to creep. (and if we were all being honest with ourselves, so do you).

So as a favor to you, I'll keep creeping you. :)




  1. Hahaha I love it. Please creep me, and I will keep creeping you. I'm thinking we need to hang out and be friends. We don't need boyfriends that are friends. We can do it on our own!

  2. I'm so happy you creeped us today. To tell you the truth, I was flattered even before I read your post! And you're right--EVERYONE creeps.


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