December 12, 2010

finally, finals.

It's here. Finals week. AND I'm excited for it. I'm excited to get all the tests over and done with. To have a month of relaxation to myself. It's been a crazy last month. Some full of fun and excitement... other weekends full of, well, drama.

Events that have taken place:
vegas themed dance.
harry potter premiere.
jazz games.
iphone 4 purchased.
car broken into (not a very fun night)
hockey game.
will coming to utah from alabama.
working crazy hours in the middle of the night.
life threatening events.
seeing my fav. niece and nephew from a previous relationship.
first time ever black friday shopping.
writing a 30 page paper that wasn't even for me.
getting ready for finals week.
got named Randi's favorite internet friend.
went home A LOT.
ward christmas party.
random dates; which have been enjoyable.
and loving my family more than ever.

It's been a fun month or so since I last blogged. The month of December looks promising during the break to be full of more adventures. I promise to one day, post pictures from all my activities. Until next time.

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