November 2, 2010

Speak Now

I've got the new T-Swift song on the brain. It's probably my new favorite; hence the title. If you haven't heard it check it out, yo!

Today's posting will include random thoughts by yours truly.

Why is it that when you think you've got things figured out, you're thrown a curve ball?
I've fallen out of like with a certain someone and don't know how to tell him. Or if I should. Oops!
Dancing can be dangerous: I got elbowed in the head at The Howl and have now got a tender spot a top my head.
Blogging about my random thoughts is actually me procrastinating going to school or homework. At this moment in time, it's homework. Math to be exact.
My birthday is in two days. Holler, I'll be 22. Yikes. On a side note, I always thought I'd be married by now.. which is weird to say because, helloooo, 22 is super young to start spending FOREVER with someone. But once again, my life is awesome and I woulnd't want it any other way. It's weird that our culture is so caught up in being married at a young age but if it works for you, that's great! Maybe I'm just jealous. :)
Monster Energy drinks are my drink of choice these days. I love being awake at all hours of the night.
The last few days have been super eventful and I'm still trying to take it all in. Haha.
I ate 3 cookies today and feel guilty for doing so. I think I have something wrong with me. Why should I make myself feel bad for eating something? Now I'm thinking, great I'll have to spend an extra 30 minutes at the gym to work that off.
I don't feel like working out today.

I'm full of random thoughts today. And the list could go on if I let it. But I'll stop it here. Loves!

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