January 31, 2012


From our second weigh in, Allison is the WINNER! I hope you've been doing your squats. We all know that squatting is the answer to everything. Is that what the creep at the gym kept saying? Something along those lines. Gotta love the FH.

Anyway, Jeff came up yesterday for an impromptu dinner with Bridge, Allison and me. I love my Dad. He brought all the girls flowers. I think we've trained him pretty well, don't you? We went to the Firehouse for dinner. I love that place and their delicious salads.

Bridget is going to apply for the Arts program here at USU and she needed to take some portraits for her portfolio. Her family the models that she needed asap. So here are two of the many pictures we modeled for.

 Aren't they such an attractive couple?

A nice pop of color against my white skin. :)

Anyway, I think that's about it for now. Nothing else is going on that's fantastic or noteworthy right now. I promise that when something does come along, I'll let you know.

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