October 1, 2011

Aggie Status!

Remember how I go to the BEST school ever? Oh yeah. Well, I do. My post today is strictly on how much I love being an Aggie! The last few weeks up here in Logan have been the bomb.com. and full of fun. Does life get better than this? Nah. I don't think so.

After Lake Powell, I became instant friends with Felica Cox and Ashton Behunin. Mind you, I did know Ashton a few years ago while she was dating Brett's (the ex) best friend Caden. The relationship I had with her then is completely different from how it is now. I mean, I thought she was super nice but we didn't hang out a lot.I knew Felica through my brother but that was many moons ago and I met her for .5 seconds at his house for a Superbowl party. Now, the three of us are basically inseparable. I love it. We go to the gym together, go to Taco Tuesday together, hang out together, I watch them play volleyball, we go on horrible dates together. It's just fun that we're all single and doing our thing.

 Did I mention we love Taco Tuesday?

A few weekends ago, Utah State had an event posted on Facebook about breaking a world record kissing chain. Naturally, the three of us HAD to participate. And most importantly, I finally became a True Aggie! Woo! After three years of attending school here I got the deed done with a boy named Andrew Gooch. The kissing chain started at 10pm Friday night and then True Aggie was at midnight. During the kissing chain, we were confined to the space we had chosen because if we left, Utah State would be disqualified or some official nonsense. Whilst kissing your chosen you had to wait until there was a flashlight on you and the officials video-ing you kissing. Kind of funny.

 The next night was Homecoming! Yay! My Dad and Sarah came up for the game. Mom was supposed to come but she had to work the night before so Sarah came and I am so glad she did. I miss my twinbee.She has been such a blessing in my life and always there for me when I need a pick me up. I'm glad we get to spend the weekend together this weekend. Do some twin stuff. For the Homecoming game though, we sat front row because Felica knows everyone and so we are getting to know lots of shawties here at USU. Yay for expanding your social circle. Even though we lost it was still a fun game to watch and be apart of. I'm pumped for next weeks game.

We all traveled to Provo last night for the USU vs BYU game. It was nice to be with my family for a little bit. I think my fam is the cat's meow. Honestly, as family goes mine is the best. And no, you can't have them. :)  We lost like in the last minute of the game. I'm starting to think we should just stop playing the last two minutes of a game so we can actually win one. I still love my Aggies though.

Isn't Jeffy just adorable? 

Allison who was originally a Cougar stayed true to them in the midst of all our Aggie family pride. We sure love Nick and Allison. I'm so glad that we could all do something as a family last night and that we get to spend the weekend together. :)

I guess what I'm trying to say in this post is that being an Aggie is awesome. I am so glad I came up to school here and have had the time of my life. I only have a year and half left until I'm finished and I'm not sure how I feel about it. This years theme for school is "Old and New - Forever Blue, Once and Aggie Always an Aggie" and it's so true! I'm an Aggie for life!

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