October 15, 2011

Halloween Activities

Remember how my life is so much fun about 97% of the time. This weekend was no exception. Actually, the weekend isn't even over yet and so far it's been awesome! Last night Nick, Allison, Felica and Ashton came over and we had a Halloween activities get together. We carved pumpkins, ate Halloween themed Oreo's made carmel apples and most importantly we watched "A Nightmare Before Christmas." I love my family and friends so much.  It was seriously so much fun and I'm glad everyone could come over.

Started the night off right.

We are so much fun. 

 They are so precious. 

You know it's Halloween when you use a knife for the stick in your candied apple.

I love Nick and Allison.

I obviously found my camera (which I am so, very happy about)  so I could document the night. I love the fall season and everything about it. It's like a giant kick off into spending time with your family, and I love mine. I also really like my friends. I think they're great. Thanks for a great Friday night. :)

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  1. Why are you the best? Oh wow, I love Felicia and Ashton in that first pic! Hilarious! We had so much fun with you guys!


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