October 30, 2011


It's been a fun and busy week. I worked 36 hours, attended all of my classes, did homework, made (some) time for my social life, hit the gym, lost three pounds, went to three dance parties, AND made it to slc to hear my Dad's talk in church. Busy? I think so.Even though this busy schedule results in me being tired and having to take on old woman's bed time, I don't mind it at all. Because deep inside of me, lives an old woman. So it's only natural that I give in to her desires for rest.

One thing I do put on the back burner when my life becomes super busy is the social part of it. I like having friends and doing things, but getting good grades, staying healthy and working become a bigger priority to me. But my friends are quick to remind me that sometimes I need to unwind or else I'll break at some point. So we had a party at my house on Friday night where I went as the ever popular classy cat and on Saturday night me and the girls went to The Howl at USU and the attended Hamilton's dance extravaganza. It was so much fun. I used Ashton's costume from last year and went as Officer Naughty. We got our dance on everywhere. One thing I wasn't used to were boys actually coming up and asking if we wanted to dance. Never had that happen before except at Region dances when I was in middle school. Anyway, I'll sign off using my usual collage of pictures from my weekend experiences. :)


  1. Haha....old women? You are too funny Liz, but I hear ya, I feel that way too :)

  2. It's because you're a freaking hottay


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